2013: Alice B. Fogel: House of Hoarding (poem)

House of Hoarding

Alice B. Fogel

The house unlike you loves the passage

of time archipelagoes

times treasured and revised you knit a bridge

your rooms with news and cards receipts

certificates planners and journals those islandish

documents spin

a single landmass for you crawl from corners down the hall

and up staircases scribing ceilings and attic hatches

the subjective world a planet in sticky detail of its own ecosystem

with a memorized street address lest

you forget how you arrived and where before disintegrating

like the sediments that made of Troy

nine Troys less revisionist histories

told on tablets and tearable as the wings of houseflies

than the wine talking sentimentally and then the thud

of cosmic rock crashed to unearth

in increments the very thing you meant to save destroying

what you meant to save each spoke of the wheel of

life lost in collecting records to counter loss

you throw away

moment after moment in vain refusal

to lose a moment passing as you cry for the others passed

buried with paper piers

throughout the house

thinks you could be more

like the spider

overnight constructs a web so thick

it sounds like parchment wrapping and unwrapping

each day no matter how many times you crumble it

always weaves another home


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