2013 Issue: Dorothy Hopkins Schnare: In the Search… (poem)

In the Search…

by Dorothy Hopkins Schnare

Smoke in the scent
of the blue-white nectar
of the nursing mother,
inhale the muskiness still
on the blue-lipped toddler’s
corduroy bathrobe
buried in the box in the attic.

Give ear in the night to the wail
of New Orleans’ Blues
to feel the sure, knowing touch
of the late lover,
and wonder how a sweltering
Kentucky August afternoon
can surprise with the hot breath
off the desert near Dhahran.

No mere little cake
dipped into lime-flower tea,
the madeleine metaphor
a near-door experience
allows us to open up again,
swallow our fear,
look into the ways and means
of crickets, dig out the dark
drumming inside us.

A strong plant, earth-pushing,
yet tender grapevine
yields slow Merlot tears
soft to the touch,
dripping into crystal,
so that we remember
as easily as the zither theme
in The Third Man movie
our lost past.

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