Spring 1987


  • Cynthia Hagen – Writing is Everybody’s Business (article)
  • Lois Bradt – Redefining the Baccalaureate Degree (article)
  • Stephen D. Berger – In Praise of Quiet People (article)
  • Charles Wilbert – The Druid Recipe (play)
  • Kathy Moulis – Grandma (poem)
  • Don Mason – Steam (poem)
  • Clifford Gallo – Genius Uncovered (story)
  • David Bradt – Reflections on Literary Translation (article)
  • Rosemarie G. Palis – An International Perspective (article)
  • Carolyn Hollman – “To Set the Cause Above Renown” (essay)
  • Phyllis D. Howard – Into Silence (essay)
  • James D. Walter – Old Charlie and Pinhead (essay)
  • Michael Annicchiarico – Music for Wine Glasses and Turkey Basters (music)

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