Spring 1989

  • Front cover photograph:
  • “The Harrisville Public Library” by Don Sieker


  • David Bradt – An Afternoon with Donald Hall (article)
  • Len Brisson – Donald Hall (photograph)
  • Linda Ryan-Burke – The Aftermath (story)
  • Don Sieker – The Harrisville Public Library (photograph)
  • Don Sieker – The Vestry on the Pond (article)
  • Michael McMahon – Small Towns (poem)
  • Michael McMahon – In the Dooryard (poem)
  • J Forbes Farmer – Behind the Dean’s Door (article)
  • Lawrence Kinsman – Legacies (article)
  • Michael Boccia – Feminism in The Magus by John Fowles (article)
  • Jeanne Ruse – The Auction (story)
  • Orrin Laferte – National Honor Society (essay)
  • Phyllis Howard – Progress (essay)
  • Larry Johnson – The Tanzanian Experience (essay)
  • Aušra Kubilius – Nicaragua: Conflicting Realities (essay)

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