Spring 1991

  • Front cover photograph:
  • “The Isadore J. and Lucille Zimmerman House” by Gerda Peterich


  • David Bradt – A Conversation with Mary Sarton (article)
  • Willard Fox – Politics or Poetics? The Importance of Community to Contemporary American Poets (essay)
  • Lilian Furst – The Shoe Store (story)
  • Evelyn E. Fracasso – Theme and Technique in Faulkner’s “Mountain Victory” (essay)
  • Michael Boccia – The Man Who Was a Woman (story)
  • Sally Boland – For Marvin (poem)
  • Sally Boland – Running in Keniston Woods (poem)
  • Steven Perras – Route 28 (photograph)
  • David Cole – The Holdup (story)
  • Paul Bellerive – Memories of Vietnam (story)
  • William Doreski – Autobiography and Lyric Meditation in Lowell’s The Dolphin (essay)
  • Gaston Pelletier – By the Numbers (poem)
  • Gaston Pelletier – In the Heart of Gratitude (poem)
  • Gaston Pelletier – A Long and Difficult Question (poem)
  • Pete Duval – Something Like Shame (story)
  • Merle Drown – “Too lazy to work, too dumb to steal” (story)
  • Larry Rosenberg – The Bottle of Shells (story)
  • Robert R. Craven – Walden on the Merrimack: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Zimmerman House (article)

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