Spring 1993

  • Front cover photograph:
  • ‘”My Dearly Beloved Wife”: A Letter by Samuel Derby’ by Bob Lindquist


  • James M. Kuras – Samuel Derby’s War Letters (article)
  • Robert J. Begiebing – “Prelude” to a Novel in Progress (fiction)
  • Susan Hayes – Stone Woman (photograph)
  • Frederick Lord – Waterwitch (poem)
  • Frederick Lord – Dysfunctional (poem)
  • Frederick Lord – To the Quartermaster of Quarks (poem)
  • Charles White – On Some Theoretical Limits (article)
  • C.E. Nieuwejaar – On Some Theoretical Limits (article)
  • Donald Silverman – The Survivor (story)
  • R. Larry Johnson – A Kiwi Primer (article)
  • Jeanette Ritzenthaler – Hands (art/poem)
  • Meg Bieniek – Alarm (story)
  • Barry H. Leeds – Mailer’s Tough Guys Don’t Dance: An American Dream Revisited (article)
  • Michael J. Brien – Moving Toward the Light (story)
  • Linda Belamarich – Grafting (poem)
  • Robert C. Losik – Capstone-Course Results (article)
  • Gladdy White – Watching (story)
  • Don Sieker – The Gregg Free Library (photograph)
  • Don Sieker – The Gift Outright (article)
  • Deborah Straw – Dressed in Black (poem)
  • Matthew A. Fike – Teaching English Composition in Bulgaria (article)
  • Steven M. Perras – Forest Treasure (photograph)

Creative Writing Contests

  • Anna Seney – Flowers (NH High School Fiction winner)
  • Craig R. Carty – Painting of the Human Soul (NH High School Non-Fiction winner)
  • Lisa Veilleux – King of the Delta Blues (NHC Fiction winner)
  • Nebojša Jevočić – Another Balkanization of the Balkans (NHC Non-Fiction winner)

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