Spring 1994

Front cover calligraphy:

  • “Haiku by Masaoka Shiki” by Naoko Matsuda


  • Ed Daniels – Avocation, Vocation, Vacation: A New England Yankee in the Land of the Rising Sun (article)
  • J. Kates – The Voice of Robert Desnos (article and poem translations)
  • Phyllis Howard – Auntie Jessie (essay)
  • Frank Clarkson – Brothers in Spirit (photograph)
  • J. Forbes Farmer – Frozen in Time (story)
  • Karen C. Stone – Choosing a College: A Study of Students’ Search Process (article)
  • Frederick Lord – The Prince of Tantalum (poem)
  • Frederick Lord – Mr. V (poem)
  • David Bradt – A Conversation with Kenneth Butler (interview)
  • Sara Wilson – The Ride Called Living (article)
  • Jonathan Blake – Poem for Our Fathers (poem)
  • Mahboubul Hassan – Just-In-Time and the Kanban System (article)
  • Dhar Bharatula – Just-In-Time and the Kanban System (article)
  • Caryl Morris – Family Ties (photograph)
  • Lawrence Kinsman – Father and Daughter (story)
  • Nancy Ann Lindley – The Cave (allegory)
  • Yvonne C. Hall – A Model for Measuring the Incidence of Selected Taxes in New Hampshire (article)
  • Becky Rodia – Sleeping Beauty (poem)
  • Bob Lindquist – Soothing the Savage Breast (photograph)
  • Bob Lindquist – In Memoriam (photograph)

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