Spring 1997

  • Front cover photo: “The City of Oporto, Portugal, December 1996” by Franklin Schlerman


  • Rebecca Rule – The Woman in the Next Bed (story)
  • Roy Andrews – The Hidden Hazards of Overspraying (story)
  • Jonathan Blake – Legacy (poem)
  • Mary Grimley Mason – Poster Child (essay)
  • Pat Parnell – The Visit (essay)
  • Rae Marie Bruce – The Shape of Mother (poem)
  • Rae Marie Bruce – Separation (poem)
  • Michael J. Brien – Living off the Exit (story)
  • Nicholas Cameron – Limelight (story)
  • Phil Fellman – Born on the Net (story)
  • Colette Inez – Yellow Goodbye, Time of Grace Denied (poem)
  • Colette Inez – For a Friend on the Far Coast (poem)
  • Colette Inez – The Seekers (poem)
  • Kevin Healey – Fighting the Red Devil (essay)
  • Phyllis D. Howard – Camp (essay)
  • Eugene Mirabelli – The Angel in the Tavern (novel excerpt)
  • Richard Aberle – Multiplication (poem)
  • Jeanette Ritzenthaler – A View of Shaker Heritage (essay)
  • Carolyn Veitenheimer – Permanent Record (story)
  • Lawrence Kinsman – The Venus of the Douro (story)
  • Bob Lindquist – Photo Essay (essay)

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