Spring 1998

  • Front cover photo: “En Camino a Rionbamba” by Diane Dugan


  • Diane Dugan – A Time to Search and a Time to Speak (article)
  • Helen Bournas-Ney – Light (poem)
  • Kelly Mullen – High School Photography Competition–Honorable Mention (photograph)
  • Helen Bournas-Ney – The Last Step of the Stair (poem)
  • Kevin R. Miller – Lovingkindness (essay)
  • Patricia Clifford – Sleepy Heads (illustration)
  • David Bradt – An Interview with Donald Murray (article)
  • Pat Parnell – Risk-Takers (poem)
  • Pat Parnell – Snake Woman Meets Modern Medicine (poem)
  • Molly Lavin – High School Photography Competition–First Place (photograph)
  • Phyllis Howard – Watershed (essay)
  • Jonathan Blake – Note Left for Elizabeth (poem)
  • Megan Morrissey – High School Photography Competition–Third Place (photograph)
  • Jeffrey Zygmont – To the Village Again (story)
  • Bob Begiebing – By Their Expenditures Ye Shall Know Them (article)
  • Julia M. Di Stefano – Bare Ruined Choirs (photograph)
  • Rae Marie Bruce – Winter (poem)
  • Rae Marie Bruce – Valley of the Onion (poem)
  • Lyra Riabov – Learning English and Cultural Adjustment (article)
  • Michael J. Brien – Pot-Holes (story)
  • Ian Veitenheimer – Endangered List (poem)
  • Isaac Dancy – Life, Liberty, and the Gross National Product (NH High School Non-Fiction honorable mention)
  • Yamila Lehane-Abraham – Throwing Rice (NHC Fiction winner)
  • Andrew Cummings – Blueberries (NHC Non-Fiction winner)
  • Neva Austrew – High School Photography Competition–Second Place (photograph)
  • Julia M. Di Stefano – American-Asian Princess (photograph)

Creative Writing Contests

  • New Hampshire High School Fiction Contest winner: Gina Statuto for “Papa”
  • New Hampshire High School Non-Fiction Contest winner: Erica Martinson for “Visiting Dolly”
  • New Hampshire High School Non-Fiction Contest honorable mention: Erica Martinson for “Visiting Dolly”

One thought on “1998

  1. It would be great if you could get to the point where all past issues were scanned so the contents could be accessible. I was trying to find a digital copy of the 1998 issue.
    Just a thought.

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