Spring 1998

  • Front cover photo: “En Camino a Rionbamba” by Diane Dugan


  • Diane Dugan – A Time to Search and a Time to Speak (article)
  • Helen Bournas-Ney – Light (poem)
  • Kelly Mullen – High School Photography Competition–Honorable Mention (photograph)
  • Helen Bournas-Ney – The Last Step of the Stair (poem)
  • Kevin R. Miller – Lovingkindness (essay)
  • Patricia Clifford – Sleepy Heads (illustration)
  • David Bradt – An Interview with Donald Murray (article)
  • Pat Parnell – Risk-Takers (poem)
  • Pat Parnell – Snake Woman Meets Modern Medicine (poem)
  • Molly Lavin – High School Photography Competition–First Place (photograph)
  • Phyllis Howard – Watershed (essay)
  • Jonathan Blake – Note Left for Elizabeth (poem)
  • Megan Morrissey – High School Photography Competition–Third Place (photograph)
  • Jeffrey Zygmont – To the Village Again (story)
  • Bob Begiebing – By Their Expenditures Ye Shall Know Them (article)
  • Julia M. Di Stefano – Bare Ruined Choirs (photograph)
  • Rae Marie Bruce – Winter (poem)
  • Rae Marie Bruce – Valley of the Onion (poem)
  • Lyra Riabov – Learning English and Cultural Adjustment (article)
  • Michael J. Brien – Pot-Holes (story)
  • Ian Veitenheimer – Endangered List (poem)
  • Isaac Dancy – Life, Liberty, and the Gross National Product (NH High School Non-Fiction honorable mention)
  • Yamila Lehane-Abraham – Throwing Rice (NHC Fiction winner)
  • Andrew Cummings – Blueberries (NHC Non-Fiction winner)
  • Neva Austrew – High School Photography Competition–Second Place (photograph)
  • Julia M. Di Stefano – American-Asian Princess (photograph)

Creative Writing Contests

  • New Hampshire High School Fiction Contest winner: Gina Statuto for “Papa”
  • New Hampshire High School Non-Fiction Contest winner: Erica Martinson for “Visiting Dolly”
  • New Hampshire High School Non-Fiction Contest honorable mention: Erica Martinson for “Visiting Dolly”

1 thought on “1998

  1. It would be great if you could get to the point where all past issues were scanned so the contents could be accessible. I was trying to find a digital copy of the 1998 issue.
    Just a thought.

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