Spring 1999

  • Front cover photo: “Morning Glory” by Bill Rennie


  • Julia M. Di Stefano – For Letters–Pisa (photo)
  • Eleanor Dunfrey-Freiburger – Growing a Family in Exile: Tshidi’s Journey (article)
  • Elizabeth Knies – Transparencies (poem)
  • David Bradt – An Interview with David Cormier (article)
  • Julia M. Di Stefano – Moonlight in Maine (photo)
  • Fred Lord – Li Po Falls Through the Moon and It’s My Fault (poem)
  • Charles V.A. White – Reflections on Critical Thinking in Higher Education: A Preliminary Inquiry (article)
  • Lynda Poloian – Remembrance of Summer Past (photo)
  • Lynda Poloian – Crocodile Island (photo)
  • Rae Marie Bruce – Overheard in the Kitchen (poem)
  • Carolyn Veitenheimer – Attending to Duty (story)
  • C.E. Nieuwejaar – Chicago 1958 (essay)
  • Jonathan Blake – Autumn Song (poem)
  • Jonathan Blake – Your Mother’s Singing (poem)
  • Carol Drescher – The Uses of Gothic Imagination (article)
  • Bill Rennie – Summer in Rockport, Massachusetts (photo)
  • Phil Fellman – Secretarial Pool (story)
  • David L. Cole – A New England Mystery: Reverend Hayden and the Rockland Murder (article)
  • Phyllis D. Howard – Union Station (article)
  • Rhonda Pennell – Twilight City (poem)
  • Pat Parnell – Ariadne on Naxos (poem)
  • Jeffrey Zygmont – Rebuilding (story)
  • Jack T. Thornton – Where Forgotten Things Belong (article)

Creative Writing Contests

  • New Hampshire High School Writing Contest winner: Brook Lyn Padilla for “Angels in the Dark”

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