Spring 2003

Front cover photo: – “Partial Truths (found objects and inks) by Gail Smuda” by Robert R. Craven


  • Robert R. Craven – Partial Truths: Gail Smuda at the McIninch Art Gallery (article)
  • S. Lee – Juxtaposition (poem)
  • David Miller – The Going-Away Party (story)
  • Brock Dethier – Why Weren’t You Watching Her? (poem)
  • Brock Dethier – Bliss, American Style (poem)
  • Hamou Amirouche – The Dialectics of Oppression and Terrorism (article)
  • Jnana Hodson – The Nuded-Out Mouth (poem)
  • Jnana Hodson – One Moving Day at a Time (poem)
  • Charles Wilbert – Excerpt from King of the West, a Play in Five Scenes (play)
  • Abby Kyriakoutsakos – Reflections of Spring (photo)
  • David Bradt – Shipley’s When There Is No Shore (review)
  • Marc Schiffman – The Man from Vienna (story)
  • Donna J. Gelagotis Lee – In the Sacrifice of Women (poem)
  • Donna J. Gelagotis Lee – The Women (poem)
  • Moira Sieker – Dover Public Library (photo)
  • Don Sieker – A Sacred Place (article)
  • Russell Rowland – A Nest in Grass (poem)
  • Russell Rowland – Fragmentation (poem)
  • Elisabeth J. Noyes – Translation May Affect View of Character (article)
  • Jonathan Blake – Fashioning Paradise (poem)
  • Jonathan Blake – Longing: Late Spring (poem)
  • Tom Long – Bypass (story)
  • Karen Ruzicka – Mitts (photo)
  • Lois Bradt – Anatolian Travels (article)
  • Rae Marie Bruce – Expulsion from Eden (poem)
  • Rae Marie Bruce – In the Land of Winter Drought (poem)
  • Sam Eisenstein – Chute-the-Chutes (story)
  • S. Lee – New England Spire I (photo)
  • Lawrence Kinsman – The Bright Medusa (poem)
  • Robert M. Colley – Fiction-Reading as an Exercise in Moral Education(article)
  • Elaine Ploof – The Father Dream (poem)
  • Elaine Ploof – Star Gazing (poem)
  • Gary Carkin – The Promotion (play)
  • S. Lee – New England Spire II (photo)
  • Dianalee Velie – The Eighth Day (poem)
  • Elizabeth Landry – Stroke of Luck (essay)
  • Geoff Morgan – Ill Tidings (excerpt from the novel The Demon Song)
  • Phyllis D. Howard – A Journal Retrospective (article)
  • S. Lee – New England Spire III (photo)

Creative Writing Contests

  • New Hampshire High School Writing Contest winner: Elizabeth Landry for “Stroke of Luck”
  • Southern New Hampshire University Writing Contest winner: Geoff Morgan for “Ill Tidings”

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