Spring 2004

Front cover photo: “Close-up detail of Rick Ayotte’s glass paperweight Dahlia Bouquet (Magnum)” by Robert R. Craven


  • Robert R. Craven – Rick Ayotte’s Glass at the McIninch Art Gallery (article)
  • Ronald Epp – An Interview With President Paul LeBlanc (article)
  • Rod Keller – Semiotics in the Park (poem)
  • Rod Keller – How It Happens (poem)
  • Lois Bradt – In Turkey Again (letters and photos)
  • Renée Elizabeth Fox – What the Water Said (story)
  • Daria Harvey – Woman at Work I (photo)
  • Robert Wheeler – Rediscovering Ernest Hemingway (essay)
  • Karin L. Caruso – Restoring Public Trust in Corporate America: A Legislative or Principled Solution? (article)
  • Parker Towle – Portsmouth Harbor (poem)
  • Karen Ruzicka – Span (photo)
  • Michael J. Brien – Notes on Bird Migration (story)
  • Dan Lewis – The Face That Will Not Come Off (poem)
  • Dan Lewis – Grapes (poem)
  • Daniel Raffalovich – How Magic Works (essay)
  • Jim Isaak – Backup (story)
  • Daria Harvey – Woman at Work II (photo)
  • Julianne S. Cooper – Civilizing the New World (article)
  • Charlene T. Pollano – Bittersweet Dreams (story)
  • David Bradt – Remembering Martin Dibner (retrospective of interviews)
  • Karen Ruzicka – Time Traveler (photo)
  • Elisabeth J. Noyes – Sweet Peaches (poem)
  • Elisabeth J. Noyes – Morning Kiss (poem)
  • Karen Ruzicka – Together (photo)
  • Jonathan Steiner – The Leaf and the Toe (story)
  • Phyllis D. Howard – Evocations (essay)
  • Rae Marie Bruce – Joseph Cornell’s Boxes (poem)
  • Don Sieker – The Amherst Town Library (article)
  • Daria Harvey – Woman at Work III (photo)

Creative Writing Contests

  • Paul Capobianco – “et dimitte nobis debita nostra” (and forgive us our trespasses) (NH High School Fiction winner)
  • Travis Moody – Blame and the Sonic Ham (SNHU Non-Fiction winner)
  • Shelby Bettoney – Texas Toast (NH High School Poetry winner)
  • Deborah Langlois – Solitude (SNHU Poetry winner)

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