2005 – Kenneth O’Keefe – In Search Of New Life

Poetry selection from the 2005 issue

In Search Of New Life
by Kenneth O’Keefe

A spike of lightning skewered a Kansas man —
Electrified the marrow of his bones.
Six weeks later a local paper ran
His story — no less stunning than St. Joan’s.

He said, since he received this shocking blow,
He felt three decades younger than his years.
And with his mind now cleared like streets of snow,
His thoughts could wind their ways through hemispheres.

Some strike a vein of gold without their trying.
But I am more inventive than those who
Complain of rain without their ever buying
Coats or umbrellas. For when skies of blue
Become black as the snarled back of a bear,
I rush to hold a golf club in the air.


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