2006 – Matthew Lemoyne – gratias however…

Winner of the 2006 New Hampshire High School Poetry Contest

gratias however i prefer extra crispy , Col Sanders

by Matthew Lemoyne

Poa pratensis L.


pid pompous


, what’sthis guy

tlking abt today

looks like Col Sanders

at any rate , shoes

treading acrss scuffed

Quercus Alba ,

alba lbaa blaa blah

black glasses soaked with


SchoolOfAthens mr. raph’ s

bull built from oils,

but maybe if he showered more . . .

i swallowed white rain

, oh balls , did not taste

quite like strawberries but

more much like POPR,

scrambling like today ‘ s eggs

through underdoors and whynots

tickling Col Sander ‘ s

oxfords and making him giggle

like a schoolgirl on

Cannabis Sativa —

white little beard ,

jives with the combover

like jitterbugs

and shakes when i

can ‘ t quite grasp

why Poa pratensis L.

highfives with

tickling oxfords and

hovering shoeless

above like the happy

happy homeless —

a politely perfect

pact with hills hawing ,

hopingly pouring their

POPR on lecture

hall floors and toes

of sandalstudents

almost sleeping

by stupid moonlit

uncrispy beard of

classic style Col Sanders

” delicious “

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