2006 – Matthew Lemoyne – in toaster town…

Winner of the 2006 New Hampshire High School Poetry Contest

in toaster town the xmas children love

by Matthew Lemoyne

 this (behold! a dark and spiny

       tree on central avenue in

       toaster town )which

   ,strung about in l i g h t s

                          ( s t h g i l )


                 in small


                 showers of

   yes the

mitten in —


           oh children fighting worlds

       with woolen scarves and warm +

       potent perfume ,

   listen jingles glisten in the quiet

       of the

             silent twilight jungle

     and lovers swim in

shootingstar-studded lakes of

      molten holy cocoa(


)these (behold! the children

       laughing while their pal

       pretends to slip on

       fun ice)who

   ,gigglingly fall winterly yes


                   love ice

   ,wearing down jackets

never worry of broken

    hearts or cold

    ( g(love) – in – (g)love

                             wonders , )


                   dressed for

climbing  yesmountains in

sparkling city courtyards

       where in the Spring , times remain

       of in-the-winter children

          (finding christmastime )and

    softly building snowmen out of rain


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