2007 – Dan Nowak – Naked and Ugly…

Poetry selection from the 2007 issue

Naked and Ugly, It’s What We Love

by Dan Nowak

When you become President, make me poet laureate

and I promise to put poetry back

in the hands of the people who know nothing

about playing with language.

This could be an art meant for dying

but our ghosts are strong

and like to wear out our clothes.

Crane is going through

my dirty sailor costumes as I speak,

and you can’t conceive Whitman’s

underwear fetish;

thongs are no longer reserved

for strippers pretending

to be fallen angels

providing their own poles.

Red or blue, words don’t care

which side they’re on, they are the first proponents

for Christianity and gay marriage.

We can learn

that we are our own bodies

because naked and ugly, it’s what we love.

I promise, make me important,

and I’ll give you the power

over how this work will be received.


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