2008 – Janelle Adsit – Postcard I

Poetry selection from the 2008 issue

Postcard I

by Janelle Adsit


So we had our first date: watching shoes from a doorstep on the streets of Prague-an international way of identifying the lonely, the hazardous, the ready. I told him if I were to walk in front of him, I’d go barefoot. And he looked at my shoes-Wal-mart knock-off, kick-me-offs-and said I wouldn’t. He said I don’t want to know how the street feels. It’s like this with him. And that I find myself in his rumpled shirt. I could tell you that’s where his soul is. I could say that. But we know so little of ourselves, being so full. He stayed late, and I blend with him in the darkness. Standing behind him, my arms wrapped tight around his waist, it occurred to me that I cannot reach his neck. And I could never get to his heart. I should just close my eyes. But they still see even though now it’s dark. It’s all just what we make it to be.

May this make it to you.




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