2008 – Trent Busch – Balanced at Forty

Poetry selection from the 2008 issue

Balanced at Forty
by Trent Busch

Children now and the dream
gone of whatever career:
acting, perhaps, or golden
playgirl with long legs on

beaches to stop men’s hands
at castles and make them
rise from their white deserts
and drink at her oasis.

Beds to make now, toilets,
if still the modern woman,
managing the savings
and loan, showing houses,

or teaching one-minded
Juliets and Romeos
too mean to understand
youth in their nurse’s tone.

With one doing his best
to be the modern man,
fumbling his breakfast, her
red, Saturday night plans,

but still with old demands,
shirts and hurts and lost keys
and love, needs to him as
natural as daffodils.

Balanced at forty, looking
back at days that stream
away like landscape from
a flying window, she

sees before her all their
wishes, the flood of rain
against her forward glass,
dusk, the wipers slashing.

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