2011 – Philip Dacey – Against Rushing

Poetry selection from the 2011 issue

Interview with Philip Dacey about this poem available here.

Against Rushing
by Philip Dacey

Do you think the grave
will not wait for you?

The aristocrat,
finding he is running late
for an appointment,
slows down.

Observe what happens
to swift water
when it discovers
the hidden rocks.

Mole, take me
to slow-school.

Think how in your haste
you leave behind
so much of yourself.

Each moment wants to be
a rose in Rilke’s
bowl of roses,
not petals flung to the ground
by a summer storm.

With every deep breath you take,
your mother returns
and holds out her hands to you.

Forgive these words
that have not slowed
to silence.


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